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May I have a cookie please? by Ghostbear2k
May I have a cookie please?
"May I have a cookie please? May I?
And Sammy needs one too, he is so hungry.
Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeease..."

Oh well, little Sascha is really playing out his cuteness card here, giving you the puppy eyes. Seems to work with bear cubs, too.
Who can resist this little rascal? ^^''

Cuteness avatar, drawn by the very friendly and talented :iconshayaroseis:.
Thank you very much. I think you could already dip him into your coffee to sweeten it. ^^'
Thankies ^__^
Ich geh mit meiner Laterne by Ghostbear2k
Ich geh mit meiner Laterne
"Ready to go, little one? Do you get everything?" Sascha's stepmother called  her son, who was still rummaging loudly through his room.
"Mhm. All ready".
The door swung open and Sascha toddled into the living. The little bear hybrid was dressed into a soft and cozy dark blue onesie with a star pattern printed on, which was far warmer than it might look like.
Seeing her charge like this his mum smiled broadly. He just looked too cute and adorable in his sleeper.
"You want to go out in this? Don't you think you should change into some big boy clothes?"
"Nuuuu... Sammy said it's okay. Can we gooooooo now?" Sascha was a bit bouncy, because he did not want to miss the St. Martin's parade.
Being allowed to carry a latern with a real tealight candle, being allowed to sty up late ... what could be cooler for a little cub like this?
"All right, all right." the lynx chuckled. "If Sammy says it's okay then I think it's okay."
Despite being night time clothing the onesie was thick and fluffy and it keep her son warm throughout the parade. So no problems there, except for him looking even more cubbish than normal with the sleeper and the padding he was wearing underneath.
It didn't seem to be any problem for Sascha, so everything was just fine.

Fifteen minutes later the lil ursine was holding his Sun, moon and star patterned lantern in front of him, Sammy safe in his arms, singing loudly as he crinkled along in the parade.
"Ich geh mit meiner Laterne,
und meine Laterne mit mir.
Da oben, da leuchten die Sterne,
da unten, da leuchten wir. [...] "


That really made me squeak with delight when I discovered that :iconschiraki: has gifted me this awesome picture of my little bear at a St. Martin's parade.
I really loved those when I still was a child. Laterns, singing, staying up late... that was awesome. Didn't care much for the religious part .. as probably every child is just interested in the fun part. XD
Thank you so very much, that was really, really nice of you. ^___^
Aaaaaand ... busted by Ghostbear2k
Aaaaaand ... busted
It was around noon and Sascha had been put down for a little nap after lunch. Not that he still needed regular midday naps, but sometimes he just was a lil tired and an hour of sleep does wonders for that.

This time however he woke up early and still well rested.
Snatching his plushie lynx Sammy from the bed he toddled into the living room, dressed in a soft, cosy footed sleeper with a hood that even had little ears on it. With his parents still working in the kitchen to clean up after lunch, no one was in the room. That might be his chance to snag some tasty treats he usually wasn't allowed to. Well 'not allowed' was wrong, but little kids would probably eat sweets all the time. Only were did his step parents put the sweet morsels?
Raiding through the drawers, crinkling softly he even enlisted Sammy to help. Of course he had to promise him a fair share of the loot.
"And? Do you see something, Sammy? Any luck?" he called to the plush lynx buried in one of the drawers.
"I'm sure they are hidden somewherr....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep"
He was cut short when his mum suddenly opened the living room door.
"Well, little one?" she asked "What are you searching for? I hope you're not digging for sweets."
"N..nuuuuuuuu" Sascha blushed bright red and tried to charm his way out. Not an easy task when getting caught in flagrante delico ... with his hand still in the drawer.


OMG.. what an adorable picture.
I always wanted a shaded commission from the awesomeRead ( ) and well... I got one. :3
Thank you so very much, you really did a great job.
It's friggin cute. Thankies ^_^

And yes, this picture was heavily influenced by a photo of a little kid in a bear onsie searching the drawers
Heya there people,

if you followed my journals you might have read the entry about the Naturama Project. A project dedicated to helping animals and started by :iconmutabi: a couple of years back.
Lots and lots of awesome artists have joined and are offering high quality art for the project.

So do you or your friends still need a gift for somebody? Wann buy some affordable great art?
Great ^_^
Then maybe take a look at the project, get some art and help animals in the progress.

Main site with all the info:…

And an overview of all the cool artists:…


Ghostbear2k's Profile Picture
Sascha Jeretik
Welcome to my profile, wanderer. ^^
So maybe you wonder "Who is this Ghostbear?"
Well I can't tell you much, I'm afraid. Guess that's something you need to experience yourself.
I'm a bit on the shy and mistrusting side, but once you manage to thaw the ice (thick ice, tho .. beware) you might see another side of me.
Two sides of the same coin. Worldly-wise grown-up and playful innocent cub.
Sometimes cold and distant, sometimes affectionate and clingy, but always fluffy.
Maybe you can find out more. ^^

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