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A play date and a sleepover by Ghostbear2k
A play date and a sleepover
Serri invited Sascha over for a play date and a sleepover and the little bear hybrid happily agreed to visit his lion buddy.
Well, of course their parents had to agree on the sleepover as well, but luckily that was no problem.
Both kids played on for hours, especially Serri's Futuron Legos recieved a lot of attention. That probably was because Sascha also had a lot of that space themed Lego at home.
When it was time for bed Serri and Sascha got dressed into their comfy sleepers and thick padding for safety. But that wasn't the end of the play date. They pleaded for a little longer and oviously kitty and cubby eyes helped... they were allowed to play a bit longer.
Yaaaaaay. ^_^


This adorable picture was drawn by the talented Chival (… ) . Thank you very much :3
Aaaand many, many thanks to little Serri (… )  for including me in his picture. Thanks buddy, that was very nice of you! *hugs*
Friends in my garden by Ghostbear2k
Friends in my garden
Little Sascha in the garden, feeding some delicious dandelion to Snobby, a giant but cute snail. No, it does not mew like Gary ;)
And it seems Sammy, the long-tailed lynx also found a little ladybug friends.
Snaaaaaaails.  :3

A very cute, traditional chibi, done by the friendly and talented otter-lady :iconmutabi:
Thank you very much, dear :3
Heya there people,

if you followed my journals you might have read the entry about the Naturama Project. A project dedicated to helping animals and started by :iconmutabi: a couple of years back.
Lots and lots of awesome artists have joined and are offering high quality art for the project.

So do you or your friends still need a gift for somebody? Wann buy some affordable great art?
Great ^_^
Then maybe take a look at the project, get some art and help animals in the progress.

Main site with all the info:…

And an overview of all the cool artists:…


Ghostbear2k's Profile Picture
Sascha Jeretik
Welcome to my profile, wanderer. ^^
So maybe you wonder "Who is this Ghostbear?"
Well I can't tell you much, I'm afraid. Guess that's something you need to experience yourself.
I'm a bit on the shy and mistrusting side, but once you manage to thaw the ice (thick ice, tho .. beware) you might see another side of me.
Two sides of the same coin. Worldly-wise grown-up and playful innocent cub.
Sometimes cold and distant, sometimes affectionate and clingy, but always fluffy.
Maybe you can find out more. ^^

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Could to you...Via notes.
Ghostbear2k Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
Yikes sorry for the late reply, I haven't had much time to check my DA stuff and had a lot of stuff on my mind. Sorry
Kid-Fox-Sammy Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  New member Student General Artist
It's ok fella, I understand, is everything ok?
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I'm watching you. Don't mention it. :)
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Danke für's watchen :)
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I made a dog character for you…
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im a babyfur its nice to meet you :) i love your sona
ageedillon Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
hey ghostbear2k have you ever heard of the new game from steam it's called loadout you should get it its free and awesome just like you dude
Ghostbear2k Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
I've read about it a couple of times now. Seems fun for people who enjoy fast paced Multiplayer shooters.
Me, I'm more of a single player gamer. So .. more story driven games like Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Dragon Age... that kind of games. ^^
ageedillon Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
I know but its awesome dude you should get it trust me you can customize your guns and characters and give them funny trunts and the graphics are awesome and extremely bloody and awesome so you should get it and its free oh by the way l like deus ex more better then mass effect  
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